Friday, January 02, 2009

Reflecting and planning

Cynical and I typically spend our New Year's Eve at home. I make up bunches of finger foods. We dine on Lil Smokies, shrimp, veggies and wine. He sleeps. I watch movies and knit. It's a peaceful wrap-up for the year gone by and a nice welcome for the one to come.

This year, however, we joined some family and friends for a proper party. I must admit, it was tough for both of us to stay up that late after all of the mayhem of a game called "spoons", cards, margaritas, charades and other antics that I'd rather not share. (Oh, come on, it's us, how wild could it have been.) New Year's came and passed and I felt as if something was missing.

I suspect what I was craving was that big block of private, quiet time when I contemplate the year gone by and make big plans for the year to come. Yes, I actually write down resolutions and often I even refer to them throughout the year. They are well planned, well-thought-out and very reflective of the person I want to be. Now, they aren't always kept, followed or even thoroughly considered. But, I do make a good faith effort, at least in the planning phase.

So, this year's resolution writing is happening a tad later than usual. But, I figure, what's a few days when you are preparing for an entire year, right?

Some are too personal to share, but if you are super nice and incredibly patient, I might let you peek at a few. For instance, I want to learn to bake bread and plant a garden. (Speaking of patience, we could all use a dose of it in 2009, don't you think?)

What are your plans for 2009?


madretz said...

Oh. I wasn't planning on making any commitments because i never ever seem to commit. But I was just on Zann's blog and she said something about growing veggies. I wouldn't mind trying to grow tomatoes this year. We'll see. However by tomorrow morning, I'll probably have forgotten that I even mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

Those are great plans. I think I'm going to do something similar this year instead of traditional resolutions: an overall theme with specific projects that relate to it, rather than an amorphous goal that I will forget by mid-January.

Anonymous said...

Bread and gardening are both on my 2009 "to do" list. I even got a book on bread for Christmas.